Director: First official GSOC days

In previous post I promised to implement frame by frame system and deal with transparent objects.

At the beginning, I have written tempo channel handler. And depending on the frame tempo value (FPS/Delay) , it can determine time for next frame. Some examples:


In fact, movie frames also can be on a loop by simple Lingo script.

Works was also done:

  • Reading movie configuration
  • Movie labels data
  • Reading (and only reading) scripts on frames.

… some work with transparence was done.  Sprites have Ink flag, this value have many things to tell.

Little was achieved: BackgndTrans (all white pixels must be removed) and more complex Matte (all white pixels out of object must be removed). Of course, future targets: cover all Ink’s.

To achieve that objective, I’ll start testing more powerful movie examples then catching new sprite types.

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